Screen Sharing in AIRCast Studio from macOS

Screen Sharing in AIRCast Studio from macOS

If you are a Mac user and this is your first time presenting in an AIRCast Studio session, when you try to share your screen you may run into some issues. The good news is these issues are quite easy to resolve and the steps are covered in further detail below.
Before we go any further, there a few things to check:
  1. You are running the latest version of Google Chrome.
    1. Click the ⋮ (Vertical Ellipsis) button located in the upper-right corner then click Help then click About Google Chrome. If you are running an out of date version Google Chrome will automatically start the update process.
  2. If you are still in the Green Room and the AIRCast Host has not admitted you to the Preview yet, the Share Screen button will appear disabled. Only once you have been admitted to the Preview will you then be able to share your screen.

1. If you receive this prompt after you have clicked Share Screen in AIRCast Studio, this means that Google Chrome does not currently have the required Screen Recording permissions to broadcast your screen into AIRCast Studio. Click “Open System Preferences” to continue. If you have previously clicked “Deny”, you will need to manually open System Preferences and navigate to Security & Privacy then click on the Privacy tab. 

2. Depending on your Mac’s security configuration you may need to click the Padlock before being able to make further changes.
3. Select the corresponding checkbox for Google Chrome. At this point you will be prompted to Quit & Reopen. Google Chrome will not inherit its new permissions until this is done. Once you have reopened Google Chrome and once again accessed the OnAIR Virtual Event Portal you will be able to re-join the Green Room.

4. Once you have been admitted to the Preview you will be able to select the Share Screen option on the AIRCast Studio Control Bar and share your content into the session.

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