How does the My Agenda Work in the Attendee App?

How does the My Agenda Work in the Attendee App?

In the Attendee App your attendees now have the option to have their own personalized My Agenda. This great for them to be able to browse any Functions, Flights, Hotels and Sessions on their personal Attendee Record as well as the ability to add sessions that are on the normal Agenda that they would like to have on their own personal Agenda for ease of access.

To set this feature up for your Attendees in the Attendee App you can follow the below steps:

1. Open the Attendee App Builder from the Online Panel in EventsAIR

2. From the left side panel of the builder you will see the My Agenda module. Drag and drop this into your app as shown below:

3. Once you have the My Agenda in the Attendee App and you have saved it your attendees will then have the option to add sessions from the event Agenda into their own personal Agenda on top of being able to see all personal events from their record.

4. As you can see below the Attendee will now have their own information visible and in this case sessions they have personally added:

5. To add Sessions all they need to do is go into the normal Event Agenda within the app, find the Session they would like to attend and click into that particular time slot, this will then give them an option to Add to My Agenda.

6. Please note, to be able to add to My Agenda, the Sessions must have Times and Dates setup on them from the EventsAIR Presentation setup.

7. Also, when setting up your Sessions, remember to check the item called Allow attendees to indicate attendance. This enables the Add to My Agenda option in the Mobile App.


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