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    • Functions Inventory Limit = 0 Error

      From time to time there is a need to set a Functions Inventory to Limited to 0, which the App allows to save and works. However the API well then error shown below. We just need consistency either the API is fixed, or the App shouldn't allow the limit
    • External ID to handle case sensitive values

      Hi, we're setting up a Smart Connector between Salesforce and Eventsair. The Salesforce Contact ID is case sensitive, the matching based on External ID unfortunately not. For example we have these three existing Salesforce Contact IDs: 0037Q00000Y9xra
    • Amount in Event Stats Report

      Hi Team, I would love to request that we can pull in the amount of an item in the Event Statistics Report. Ie we can see that an item was $150 and that 6 were purchased. thanks
    • Add Session AV tab data to API

      A requirement of our integrations with presentation management software is to have AV requirements data for the session. Please consider adding.
    • table / seating allocation portal

      Hello. I would like to make a suggestion for future updates. I would like to see State as a field that can be sorted by in the table / seating allocation portal. I have some clients that like to allocate seating by State so this would be a very helpful
    • Select what displays for sponsorship inclusions in merge doc

      Can we please have the ability to select what pulls through to the email merge doc for sponsorship inclusions? If you are not using dollar values, it just looks long and terrible in the email.
    • Report on interactive site links with auto-login token

      Hello, there is currently no way to get a Report on interactive site links with auto-login token (e.g. if one wants to send a mail merge via Outlook to records). Currently, the only way (as per Centium) is to create a namebadge with Contact (including
    • Add Print badge option in API

      For registrations to be able to build a custom onsite portal/check in app, it would be advantageous to be able to pull the badge to print along with the registration from EventsAir instead of maintaining it in a second place.
    • Add a CreateAttachedDocument mutation

      Hi, I'm using the mutation "createPresentation" where there is a attachedDocumentIds field. The problem is there is no way to create a new attached document, therefore no way to get the id. Like the presentation-type and the status, it would be perfectly
    • Presentation starting and ending time and order

      Hi, There are 3 (more) important fields missing from the createPresentation mutation. There are the starting time field, ending time field and the order field. Importing a whole program is something we need to do sometime to time (for example when the
    • Suggestion for SMS External Connect

      Hi We use the external connection with SMS Broadcast Australia to send reminder texts to delegates. Recently we have decided to not use a specific number and instead use the shared number pool. However, in the setup with EA it's a mandatory field to have
    • Re. Invoice adaptation - Request for update so all items contributing to the 'account total owing' are shown on the invoice

      Hello, This is a request. Please alter EventsAir invoices so that people can see each item contributing to their outstanding amount in each invoice. It is understandably incredibly frustrating for people to see an outstanding amount that doesn't make
    • Auto login token

      Hi, It could be very useful for us to be able to retrieve the "auto login token" filed from a contact with the API. With this token we could, for example, create and register some contacts using the API and redirect them to different Events AIR interactive
    • Agenda/program - ability to show presentation type and theme

      I have a client that requires delegates to be able search/filter the online program and app program by presentation type and theme. I have been told by support this is currently impossible. It would be great if this could be a future addition to the agenda/program
    • Session location and Tracks

      Dear Dev team, There are 2 important standard fields missing from the CreateSession mutation: Location tracks I hope it can be added for a next update. Thanks Franck
    • Suggestions for comprehensive export

      Hello, Currently, marketing tags will only have a presence on the comprehensive export report if at least one attendee has the relevant tag/data on their record. It would be great to have the option of showing the column on the report even though as blank.
    • Marketing Tags Drop Down Option

      It would be helpful if we could have the drop down option for marketing tags in interactive sites to be enabled so that the delegate can choose multiple options. For example, if the registration site is asking them to advise which store they own, but
    • Change format of sponsorship and exhibition fee values in respective portals

      The sponsorship and exhibition portals display inconsistent currency format strings, as well as not being able to include a $ sign. Can this please be looked at by development asap. I have been advised this currently cannot be changed at all.
    • Waitlist Management for concurrent session

      Can we have Presentation/Agenda sessions have the option to be set as along with waitlist management
    • Missing createSessionBlock mutation

      Hi, In the createSession mutation there is the input "sessionBlockId" without the possibility to create such session block. It means that the session blocks need to be created in advance in Events AIR. and some how exported for us to be able to assigne
    • Issues with presenter(s) and author(s) in presentations query

      Hi, There is an issue when we try to retrive author(s) of a presentation. In the author schema there are the following options; id, affiliations, contact, isPresentin, … but no firstname nor lastname. Yet as you surely know not every authors are linked
    • Paid registrations entered in the exhibitor portal charged back to the group contact

      Hi there It would be great if paid registrations entered in the exhibitor portal automatically get charged back to the group contact who has the exhibitor booth on their profile. This would save them entering billing details repeatedly.
    • Access Guest Registration information

      Hi Dan I am trying to identify from the EventsAir structure - how do we identify the Billing Contact who paid for a number of Registrations(or Function Registrations) and may or may not be one of the attendees.
    • $ to display in the portals

      Can we please have the ability for $ sign to display in the portals ie. sponsorship & exhibition portals?
    • paper number in "createPresentation" mutation

      Hi, In the "createPresentation" mutation there is a paperNumber field. The default value is 0 and me may use the same number for more than one presentations, this is exactly the same as creating a presentation from Events AIR... with one difference. In
    • Missing Invoice group in the financial schema

      We are linking our accounting system with the API but it can only work if we get the information about the invoice group as we have different rules based on the invoice group number. Could this be added to the current schema, please? Franck
    • Square Reader as a Payment Gateway

      Hello, could you please have Square Reader integrated as a Payment Gateway? These days, more and more people use their phones to tap and pay, and generally they're unable to pull up their credit card details from their phone so that we can enter their
    • Reviewer portal

      It would be really handy if reviewers could filter on completed/uncompleted in the review portal when reviewing. For a reviewer to check that they've completed all their allocated reviews, they need to manually check that each abstract has a tick in the
    • Add Description for exhibitor sponsors in API.

      Hey Devs, Hope you are having a great coding time. So, I am having an issue right now, I want to add show profile description of companies of the exhibitors/sponsors, but didn't find any data related. Please add this in te API. Thank you so much.
    • Add text to floorplan

      Hello, there used to be a way to add text to a floorplan. I cannot seem to find how in the web app. Please bring back.
    • Add text to floorplan

      Hello, there used to be a way to add text to a floorplan. I cannot seem to find how in the web app. Please bring back.
    • Has anyone tried using data entry automation from a CRM such as asana into a interactive site?

      Hi all Our client wants to use their own system to collect exhibitor bookings from their customers. They will then add this data into a CRM (asana) via a data entry automation program such as I am wondering if anyone has/if it is possible to
    • Add Linking Types to API

      Hi, we would love to see the linking types (Group Member, Group Contact, Not Linked) available through the API as it helps us categorise contacts prior to any further query. Ideally, this information is available not only through a contact query, but
    • Automatic recognition of correct card type in payment portal

      Dear Team, I would like to propose the creation of a payment portal feature that enables EventsAir to automatically detect the correct card type selected by participants and respond accordingly. Here is an example scenario to illustrate the suggested
    • Page display logic creation

      Pretty pretty please make it so this is longer and you can see the entire field... We have so many registration types/ fields and building a registration page takes time and it is much harder when we can't see the entirety of the relevant fields. This
    • Payment page options

      Currently you cannot edit what information shows on the payment page. If someone has mutliple registration records then the payment page will show exisiting charges as well as what's payable. This is very confusing. On top of this the existing charges
    • Missing - Marketing Tags

      Hi Dev Team, We require Marketing Tag access in the API We use marketing tags in our process so that when you pull a report you get a tally of the # pax vs. Custom Fields. Our custom API lists the custom filed answer for each attendee and then we need
    • Contact QR Code

      Hello I understand it is not currently possible to retrieve the contact QR Code value (GUID field) through the API. This would be hugely beneficial if we could pass the GUID field values through the API. This so that we can pass the contact records and
    • Registration Payment Amounts

      Hi All, is it yet possible to read the payment details (amounts) of a specific registration record via the API? We are somewhat stuck as quering via registration only provides the payment status as well as the amount required. Additionally, we would however
    • Creating An Attendee

      Can someone please confirm that we are unable to create Attendees via the GraphQL API? All we can locate is creating a registration. If not possible then our suggestion would be to add this feature.
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